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Interior Design Trends for 2017 June 29, 2017 22:58

Updating the look of your home is always a challenging process, but it is also a rewarding one.  Transforming your spaces into something that is not only fashionable, but functional and comfortable as well, can transform your entire outlook on life.  With as much time as we spend in our homes, it is especially comforting to be in a place that it reflects our personality and tastes and at the same time makes us confident that guests will be impressed by the stylish touches and elegance of our home.

Five Interesting Facts about flatware June 01, 2017 22:20

We all use it to eat (hopefully) every single day.  Silverware, cutlery, and flatware are all names for one of our most valued tools that is taken almost completely for granted.  Next time you pick up that spoon, it may be time to consider its origins.  Maybe that fork has a story to tell, and that butter knife definitely has a history!

Flatware is much more interesting than many of us give it credit for.  Some families have heirloom sets of actual silverware that has been passed down through the generations.

Corporate Holiday Gifts That Mean Something December 13, 2016 15:31

I’m sure that all of us here at Uscha can’t be the only people who have felt like 2016 has been a long year, from everything happening around the world to our own personal and professional lives which have all been going at 100km an hour.

With the holidays coming up ahead of us we are looking forward to some well-deserved rest and relaxation before hitting the ground running all over again in 2017.

We think the best way to get ready before some R&R is by celebrating all our accomplishments together as a team with an old fashion holiday party with the Uscha team!


Like most companies we’ll be having a few cheeky drinks, putting together a white elephant gift exchange and giving everybody that’s been a part of Uscha (and ourselves!) a few gifts to say thank you for all the hard work put in over the year.

Since we’re a smaller team here we can get away with personalising each gift to the person but before Uscha a few of us had office holiday parties at bigger companies.

There would be gift cards and hampers, silly presents meant for a laugh and usually some promotional items that are easy to make for everybody and useful. Maybe a laptop bag with the company logo or a sports bottle & shirts.

Receiving a gift like those is great but these days we think there’s a better way. When everybody has got the same thing it’s all a little less special and that’s why we love handmade, one of a kind gifts that you can still get in bulk.

We’ve started to create custom leather corporate promotional products for clients that want to say thank you in a more genuine, respectful way.


From leather journals with your companies logo, each handmade and different from the other, beautiful wallets, organic cotton t-shirts or leather bags using different types of sustainable leather we can make each piece by hand, with love and get it to you when you need them.

Each item will be as unique as the person you give them to and the gifts will be something that they can cherish for years to come.

Whether it’s the upcoming holidays, celebrating one year in business for your start up or reaching another milestone of your business, say thank you to your team with a little more care and respect than they expect and get the same back from them when you need it most.

Know Your Leather! October 25, 2016 12:53

Throughout the history of the world leather has been an important part of men’s & women’s journey through life. From keeping warm and protected from the elements, covering tents or using as a bag or leather carry all to keep things in.

Until as recently as 100 years ago you could be sure of buying and using leather that was real, genuine and would grow and change over time just like us. With advances in science and manufacturing artificial leathers are being made and sold in everything from bags, journals, seats and clothing.


How to spot real versus fake leather

The key to understanding whether the leather your looking to purchase is real leather or man made is in understanding the different types of leather available. Generally you will find leather products to be made up of one of three different qualities, full grain leather, top grain leather and genuine leather.


Full Grain Leather

Full grain leather is the made from the top layer of the animals hide and is considered the top quality of leather available. Full grain leather is beloved for its natural look, you will be able to see imperfections in the leather that naturally occurred to the animal throughout its life. It is also sought after because full grain leather ages and changes over time as it reacts to the environment around it and the use that you put it through.  


Top Grain Leather

This is the type of leather you will see in most mid-range leather products. Top grain leather makes up many purses, wallets and clothing items that are made of leather. Unlike full grain leather, top grain is sanded down and has a ‘shinier’ look that is free of the scarring and imperfections found in full grain.

Top grain leather still ages well but will end with a different look than full grain leather. The fibres of top grain leather are weaker than full grain and will wear down more quickly with heavy use.


Genuine Leather

Products made with genuine leather are on the low end of leather goods. While they are still made of real leather it is made up of the bottom layer of the animal hide and so it is structurally weaker and less aesthetically pleasing than full and top grain leather.

Genuine leather is often refinished with a spray to achieve a look similar to full grain and top grain but will age very quickly and poorly. Think of cheap leather belts, shoes and bags as genuine leather.



Hide Selection

This refers to how clean the leather is in line with the amount of natural marks or imperfections on the hide. Leather products are checked and graded based on the cleanliness of the hide and the overall health state of the animal’s skin.

Tanning Process

This is a process where animal skins are being treated to produce leather. Tanning process can make leather products more durable and less vulnerable to decaying. Quality leather has a soft, supple touch and does not resemble synthetic material.


What to look out for with fake leather

First and foremost, follow the rule that high quality products, leather especially, will carry a higher price. Quality leather goods will age well and be durable for years, they will grow with you and are worth investing in. If you see a deal for leather bags that is too good to be true, it probably is.

Bonded leather is another type of leather but it is made from the dust and shavings of higher quality leather. It is glued and pressed together to create a leather imitation. While technically leather, steer clear and look for quality.

Artificial or synthetic leather is tacky and hard to the touch. Real leather is soft, supple and has character. If you see leather items that feel ‘off’ you can be sure it’s not real.


Leather is an investment so when you are looking to purchase a leather bag, journal, jacket or rock-star leather pants keep in mind that the piece will stay with you for years. Look for quality, a timeless style and something you will be happy to have and use for the next 10 years.

Uscha is hiring! October 11, 2016 21:01

Dear friends,

we're looking for someone special to manage our Fitzroy store as we move into a  new chapter. Those of you who have visited the store will know that there's been a lot of love poorer into the space and we looking for someone to keep it flowing. If you're interested or know someone who might be please pass this on..

Uscha store manager Fitzroy

  • Maintaining store front, updating regularly 
  • Monitoring stock levels
  • Strategic planning, social network promotion, basic marketing

About the position: We're looking for someone to take on the management of our Melbourne Store in Fitzroy. The store was designed and built by us and has a very personal feel to it. It's very important that we keep this, and that the new manager understands the space and appreciates the time and effort spent in making it what it is today. The person will be in charge of running the store, its up keep and continuation to grow the customer base through genuine friendly service and good communication.

About Uscha: Uscha is a company that focus's on creating/finding things that are sustainable, handmade and unique. We love the beauty in imperfection and embrace the character that is found through the hand. We're all about minimal production, insuring that each item is special. Working with small business's/communities we focus on sustainabillity and ethical production. 

Key criteria needed to apply for this job

  • Retail experience to management level - not Mc Donalds or similar
  • High level of design/display skill
  • Previous experience in a boutique retail business
  • Previous experience working with plants - bit of a green thumb
  • Excellent communication skills - very much a people person
  • An appreciation of our business and ethics
  • Able to manage other staff
  • Computer literate - shopify, dialy email communication, strong social network skills, photoshop a bonus 
  • Can take a good picture
  • Self Starter - motivated, independent, responsable and most importantly reliable
  • Australian Drivers License - access to a vehicle

Position will be 4-5 days a week

Pay: Hourly rate plus bonus

If this interests you please send through a intro letter stating why you'd like to work with us, information about yourself and a copy of your CV.

Send to:

Please do not call the stall.

We will contact you for a interview if we think you might fit.

Thanks for your time

Barny & Uscha 

Leather Care & Treatment Tips August 01, 2016 11:00

Uscha Leather Care Tips


The beauty in working with leather is that just like you and me, over time we all change. Because the leather we use is all natural we have a few leather care tips in order for your personal leather purchase to be ready to handle everything you are while changing day by day into a more beautiful and personal piece that reflects the story of your journey.

Not only does regular care of your leather accessories help protect them from the elements but it also helps to soften, condition and keep the natural shine of leather. From oils, creams, paints, tints and waxes there are many off the shelf products that work to maintain or restore the quality of leather.


Beeswax Rub

From our experience the best bet to keeping your leather in top shape is to use natural products like beeswax. Beeswax helps to create a barrier against things like rain, dirt, snow and sand from damaging the appearance of leather. You can apply beeswax to your leather either by rubbing pure beeswax onto a cloth and rubbing the cloth in small circles across the leather.

If you are more of the DIY type you can also make a beeswax mixture heating up a natural oil of your choice such as almond oil, coconut butter or neatsfoot oil along with the beeswax. Once it’s been mixed and cooled you can apply it in the same manner as pure beeswax.

Make sure that before apply anything to leather that it is dry. Otherwise sealed in water can damage the appearance of your leather. Also take care to apply the wax over any visible stitching as it will help insure a longer life of the stiches, keeping your leather in one piece.


Wet Leather Care

Leather is a living, breathing thing so proper care when wet is important for both the look and shape of your leather. When rubbed with beeswax or other sealants your leather is protected from water here and there but if you find yourself in a monsoon of water there are a few things you can do to keep your leather intact.

It may be tempting to dry your leather with anything from hair dryers, portable heaters or built n heaters but hot temperatures, leather and water combine to change the chemical structure of leather.

The best option is to let the leather breathe at room temperature with soft air like an oscillating fan at low speeds. Leather can also stretch in these conditions, and once stretched it stays that way. So don’t keep items in unique leather satchels and bags and hang jackets and coats over chairs to help keep their shape.


We hope these few tips will help you take already beautiful handmade leather goods and, over time, turn them into unique, one of a kind pieces that you can enjoy for years.


Join our team! November 18, 2015 14:31

We are currently looking for a bubbly person to join our retail team. If you're a creative and passionate soul who appreciates the beauty in simplicity read on...

You will need to have a strong retail background to management level with experience in a boutique/independent creative business.

Skill set needed for applying for this position:

Retail skills to management level

This includes:

A friendly outgoing personality with high communication skills
Understanding of stock management
Understanding of POS systems
Previous cash handling
Shop and shop window styling - provide examples where possible
Be available for 4-5 days work per week - and be reliable!
Be available for a minimum of 9 months - We're looking for someone we can train to management level so working visa's are a set back. However if you're an amazing fit to our team we will take this in to consideration.
You need to understand and connect with our brand, as well as correspond with our policies. We won't interview anybody who has not mentioned us in their introduction letter or provided all required documentation.

We're a small creative retail business with a strong focus on sustainability so keep this in mind prior to applying (large corporations, supermarkets and food chains are not our thing).

Please provide an introductory letter stating your interest, why you would be a good new member to the family and an image portrait of yourself.

Send a copy of your up to date CV and any relevant references. Email all information through to (do not call us for we will contact successful applicants for a interview).

Feel free to pass this on to any friends who might be interested. We look forward to meeting you!


Barny & Uscha

Finding beauty in simplicity November 01, 2015 15:19

Each piece has a story to tell and it’s a story worth telling. From the second the maker meets the eye of the idea, to the time they create it with their bare hands, to the finished product and its birth from different places from all over the world, to the time it lands on the shop and the very first moment you touch it.

Each piece is imprinted with life and memories. It may not breathe, or talk, or laugh, or sing but it holds time and is marked by the remnants of our lives that we hold close. Feel the full scope of this experience with all your senses and remind yourself that things have beauty and value if we choose to see it. The love that goes into each product is witnessed when it falls into the hands of the owner who will radiate their lives into the piece. The beauty of making simple, handmade products has been lost in today’s fast-paced, mass-producing world. It's time we revive the beauty that lies in imperfections and simplicity. It's time we bring it back into life. Our expanding minds, hearts, and souls ache for genuine human connection and timelessness we find in things carved by hand. This connection is what ties us whole.




Uscha is hiring! July 24, 2015 11:02

At the end of August our amazing Sarah will be leaving us for a big adventure in another land. We will miss her lots!

We're hoping to find someone as happy with a similar skill set. 

These are:

  • Back ground in graphic design or similar
  • Very confident in photoshop, digital graphics
  • High computer skills to easily learn our management systems
  • High level communication skills online, phone and in person
  • Strong understanding of social networks, specially Instagram and Facebook
  • Shop/photo stylising
  • Bubbly personality with retail experience

We know this is a big set of shoes to fill but we're hoping that there's someone out there that loves what we do and would love to join our small team.

Please send through a resume and an introduction letter to the following email:

Feel free to pass this on to any friends who might be interested.

Thanks again


Barny & Uscha  

Fremantle Market Stall Closes September 05, 2014 12:52

Last weekend saw the closing of our Fremantle market Stall after over 2 years of trading. We first opened the stall back in 2012, and brought high quality handmade leather journals and handmade prints to Fremantle. Over the years we introduced new products to the stall like our rustic raw leather satchels, handmade Moroccan slippers, boiled wool scarves and beautiful handmade leather goods from our taylor in Bali.

We simply thought that we out grew the space and decided to close shop.

But not for long!

We're currently looking for a new location that will allow us to create a space not just a shop. Anyone who has visited our Melbourne store will tell you that we can not only provide beautiful unique items but can also create an amazing space to showcase them. 

So please be patient as we will move forward into a better space to promote the beauty in honesty and imperfection.

All the best

Barny & Uscha

String Bean Alley Container Shop Now Open All Market Days. August 09, 2014 13:08

For those visiting the Queen Victoria Market, you will now be able to visit the Container shop on Tuesdays and Thursdays as well as the Friday, Saturday and Sundays. The container shop is our second largest store after the Johnston St shop and has a large range of the products we offer. Located mid way up String Bean alley next to the centre walk way its pretty hard to miss.


New Hrs:

Tuesday 9am - 2pm

Thursday 9am - 2pm

Friday 9am - 3pm

Saturday 9am - 3pm

Sunday 9am - 4pm


Night market:

Winter night market; Weds 5pm - 10pm till the end of August

Summer night market; Weds 5pm - 10pm November till March


Luna 1878 Night Market Starts This Wednesday Night! July 08, 2014 14:58

The Luna1878 night market starts this week at the Queen Victoria Market with a key focus on promoting talented local artisans in a cosy environment. We will have the Uscha container store lit up in full of colour every Wednesday night over the next 2 months so come and say hi!

The winter night market is more relaxed than the summer night market, with fairy tale lighting, street food and open fires –it’s a great excuse to brave the cold and get out and about in the depths of winter.

The 2013 season saw over 30 thousand visitors come through the Market, which we anticipate to grow significantly over the now 8 week season.

We hope to see you there for a vino or two by the fire!

Barny & Uscha


New Uscha Store Melbourne July 05, 2014 15:42

For the past 18 months we've been looking hard to find a space to create a retail shop. A space to promote our philosophy and the things we love. 

This came to fruition when we got the lease on a property on Johnston St, Fitzroy that we felt provided a great blank canvas to build something special. It was a very organic process. Items removed were re-used in different ways to create new structures and spaces. Plants play a big part against earthy tones and raw timber.


Now coming up to it's second month of trading the shop is a really nice space to work in and we're looking forward to bringing in new products to share with you all.

For those of you who have visited the store, you've already seen a glimpse of things to come....

Here's a article by Urban walkabout who visited us last week: Uscha Melbourne Store

The store is located at 248 Johnston St, Fitzroy

Open: Wed - Sat 11am - 6pm, Sun 11am - 5pm



Handmade shoes from Morocco November 20, 2013 11:53

Hi friends,

this year I spent a month in Morocco working with local artisans to create my spin on the standard Moroccan baboush slipper. It was an amazing experience as the process was done with out proper communication. They couldn't speak/understand english and I couldn't speak Arabic or French. With the help of my english speaking Moroccan friend Mohamed, a phone because he lived in a village far away, some others from the local market who spoke little english and my early years playing charades I managed to succeed.

I have been wearing these shoes for the last four years. I find them extremely comfortable, robust, easy to slip on and off and perfect for summer. Something that you can wear out comfortably instead of your thongs.

We have made them in sizes 37-45 in four different colours. Currently available at our Vic market container stall and Fremantle market shops and online very soon.

I hope you enjoy them half as much as me!

New stock arriving in time for Christmas! December 04, 2012 14:47

Greetings Friends,

we've just received the first of several new stock arrivals for the Christmas month. This includes some new books we've been working on and some of the old favorites.

Over the following weeks we'll be adding new books to the range so stay in touch via our website or facebook page for updates.

Bring on Summer and the festive season!

Best to you, your family and friends.


Barny & Uscha xx

Uscha - handmade leather books hits Byron Bay! June 01, 2012 15:10

 Hi all,

we have a market stall in the Byron Bay area running over the winter months. We will be at Bangalow, Byron Bay and South Bank, Brisbane markets.

Please pass on to anyone who you think might be interested in visiting us. 

We will continue the store at the Vic market as well, running Friday, Saturday and Sunday. We hope to have a permanent position there soon so watch out for this.

Keep warm..

Barny and Uscha

New Stock December 16, 2011 11:56

Hi all,

after receiving a tone of feedback and requests for the bound books with locks we just got more in. Be quick as they're leaving us as quick as they arrived. Colours range from blue, green, orange, red and purple.


We also received some new books for the sketchbook range including some beautiful embossed books like the turquoise book seen on the homepage. On top of that we now have some XX large sketchbooks for all you artists requesting bigger!


We hope you enjoy this new collection

Uscha goes live! October 02, 2011 20:20


After weeks of data entry and trying to write cool things launches.

We hope you like the site and more so our books. Please feel free to like us on facebook:

Giveaways coming soon!