The Art Of Journalling

A space to rest your thoughts down. A space to reflect on the chatter of the mind. A space to dream, grow & manifest.

Starting the art of journalling can be a daunting task. Just as anyone would feel about starting meditation, or painting, or yoga, journalling is an art that takes practise, reflection and a quietening of the mind. If you're already feeling uneasy with the idea of sitting still with your thoughts, let's break this down into easy, achievable steps to have you enjoying the art of journalling in no time. 

1. Create a space
Creating a space where you can feel relaxed, nurtured & inspired will help you slow down and turn inwards. Ways that we like to create a space are to burn an incense stick (our favourite is Australian Sandalwood from Subtle Bodies- available in store), put on some relaxing music & make a cup of tea. Just by offering yourself the space to calm the senses, you will start to feel the stress of the day melt away...

2. Choose your journal
Journalling is a very intimate art. Finding a journal that speaks to you is so important. Think about your senses... one that feels good to touch, has lovely thick paper and is the perfect size for you. Finding the right journal makes the whole experience of writing not only personal, but special. We have a varied selection of beautifully crafted buffaloleather journals filled with recycled cotton paper. Our journals all have a unique colour, finish & feel. What does your ideal journal look & feel like?

3. Start easy
You don't have to dive straight into an hour of deep journalling. Start slow and steady, letting your creativity & emotions guide you. It could be a quick 5 minute release of mind chatter, 3 simple questions reflecting upon your day or 10 things you're grateful for in your life. Find what feels good for you. 

Refillable Leather Journal in Brown

4. Make time 
Journalling is a powerful & beneficial habit that you can welcome into your life. As we all know, habits take time to create, so finding a time in your day or week that you dedicate to journalling is important. Perhaps you like to have a slow morning and could journal with your first cuppa? Or perhaps offer yourself 5 minutes before bed each night to jot down your thoughts from the day & set intentions for the next? Create consistent space for your journalling practice. 

Just remember, journalling is for you and your practice can look however you like it to. Enjoy the experience, find creativity, release unwanted emotions and feel gratitude through the art of journalling. 

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