Exploring Wabi- Sabi

Exploring Wabi- Sabi

"Beauty in imperfection" 

Journeying into a new season brings about a collective energy amongst us all to reflect, cleanse & shift. We find ourselves wearing clothes to suit the changing seasons, harvesting different food, being drawn to seasonal comforts & adding pieces to our home that make us feel good. 

In the midst of this seasonal shift & flow, we offer some wisdom from our Japanese friends who have mastered a philosophy called Wabi- Sabi, & we want to share how this can be applied within your home.

Wabi- Sabi
(pronounced wah- bee- sah- bee)
(n.) a way of living that focuses on finding beauty within the imperfections of life and peacefully accepting the natural cycle of growth & decay. 

Now that we understand what Wabi-Sabi means, how can we easily embrace this concept into our lives & home? Below we explore 4 simple ways you can start today. 

1. Stay connected with nature
Nature is a powerful element that we can utilise to help us flow. Just as the sun rises and sets, our body clocks and sleeping habits reflect this. Just as the spring sends warmer breezes through the air, what we eat and harvest reflect this. Aim to embrace the seasons; the sun & moon, the warm & cool, the wet & dry. Incorporate nature into your home; whether it's with some indoor plants, a beautiful twisted stick from your favourite tree, or burning native sandalwood incense. 

2. Use natural materials
Choosing natural materials not only reflects our environment, but it supports our senses. There's nothing like the feeling of holding a handmade ceramic mug as you drink your morning cuppa, or serving a nourishing salad with wooden utensils, or opening up your leather journal as you write down your thoughts from the day. These are the kind of beautiful mindful moments we can experience each day. 

3. Embrace ageing
Ageing is inevitable. Whether it's in ourselves, our favourite cast iron pan or the wooden table we gather around for dinner. Being a witness to the beauty of ageing happens when you choose elements for your home that will age gracefully. Source pieces that are natural, quality & handmade ensure they are going to wear over time with an element of grace & comfort. 

4. Choose pieces that are aesthetically pleasing & useful 
Gather elements for your home that not only look beautiful, but also have a use. This strengthens each piece as it offers beauty & functionality. Quickly these items become part of daily habits & rituals that bring joy. 

Through these simple steps, we hope you can create more Wabi-Sabi in your life & home.