Interior Design Trends for 2017

Updating the look of your home is always a challenging process, but it is also a rewarding one.  Transforming your spaces into something that is not only fashionable, but functional and comfortable as well, can transform your entire outlook on life.  With as much time as we spend in our homes, it is especially comforting to be in a place that it reflects our personality and tastes and at the same time makes us confident that guests will be impressed by the stylish touches and elegance of our home.

Interior design trends for 2017 are moving toward a simpler, more organic style.  A back-to-basics, carefree design is coming back into fashion with touches of tribal influences, softer fabrics, and stronger earthy colors.  The prevailing trend is for homes to have a lived-in feel, rather than a showroom appeal, which is especially nice for those with families.  Comfort can be mixed with style and 2017 is out to prove it, despite how counterintuitive the idea may seem.

With the hectic lives we lead in a technology driven world, it comes as no surprise that we want our homes to be a haven.  The latest trends reflect this desire.  People are becoming more involved in renovating and redecorating their homes to change them from just a place where they sleep before heading back out to a place that can be a sanctuary from the outside, a place of peace in a frantic world.

Getting in on the latest trends and transforming our home, conveniently enough, doesn’t require a full-on renovation of your interior spaces.  The trends for 2017 can be adapted and adopted in any space, depending on how much time, energy, and money you want to commit to your redecorating.  It could be as intensive as gutting a room and starting over or just throwing up a new colour on your walls and shopping online for homewares that fit the trends.  Here’s a few of the latest and greatest style trends you can use to create your own personal haven.

1. Be unique.  Throw out the labels.  You don’t need to worry about fitting your home into a style category, like modern or rustic.  Pick and choose what you like without worrying about whether or not you are achieving an overall theme.

2. Pick natural fabrics such as linen, cotton, canvas, or wool. Gauzy fabrics that let in light and unhemmed raw fabrics can add softness to your spaces.

3. Add some woven elements.  Organic materials like rattan, jute and cane are being used for far more than textiles.  There is an increasing popularity for using these materials in furniture, lighting and decorative elements.  Large tribal-inspired woven baskets are being used as decorative pieces as well as practical storage.  

4. Be bold.  Choose earthy colors in bold shades.  Dark green is especially popular this year.  Don’t shy away from bold patterns in fabrics.  Paint that mural on your wall.  Display that fantastic online homeware find you’ve been hiding.

5. Choose curvier, softer shapes in your homewares.  Plusher couches perfect for a movie binge, hand knit wool blankets for cuddling, and giant pillows in natural fabrics all speak to comfort.

6. Organic materials like terra cotta and cork add texture and a cozy note to your spaces.  Stick with a matte finish on terra cotta tiles to warm your whole room and keep the effect more subtle.  Look for cork bases on side tables with stone tops or clad a wall in the stuff.  Cork adds texture and helps muffle sound for a more restful, quiet space.