Corporate Holiday Gifts That Mean Something

I’m sure that all of us here at Uscha can’t be the only people who have felt like 2016 has been a long year, from everything happening around the world to our own personal and professional lives which have all been going at 100km an hour.

With the holidays coming up ahead of us we are looking forward to some well-deserved rest and relaxation before hitting the ground running all over again in 2017.

We think the best way to get ready before some R&R is by celebrating all our accomplishments together as a team with an old fashion holiday party with the Uscha team!


Like most companies we’ll be having a few cheeky drinks, putting together a white elephant gift exchange and giving everybody that’s been a part of Uscha (and ourselves!) a few gifts to say thank you for all the hard work put in over the year.

Since we’re a smaller team here we can get away with personalising each gift to the person but before Uscha a few of us had office holiday parties at bigger companies.

There would be gift cards and hampers, silly presents meant for a laugh and usually some promotional items that are easy to make for everybody and useful. Maybe a laptop bag with the company logo or a sports bottle & shirts.

Receiving a gift like those is great but these days we think there’s a better way. When everybody has got the same thing it’s all a little less special and that’s why we love handmade, one of a kind gifts that you can still get in bulk.

We’ve started to create custom leather corporate promotional products for clients that want to say thank you in a more genuine, respectful way.


From leather journalswith your companies logo, each handmade and different from the other, beautiful wallets, organic cotton t-shirts or leather bags using different types of sustainable leather we can make each piece by hand, with love and get it to you when you need them.

Each item will be as unique as the person you give them to and the gifts will be something that they can cherish for years to come.

Whether it’s the upcoming holidays, celebrating one year in business for your start up or reaching another milestone of your business, say thank you to your team with a little more care and respect than they expect and get the same back from them when you need it most.