Handmade shoes from Morocco

Hi friends,

this year I spent a month in Morocco working with local artisans to create my spin on the standard Moroccan baboush slipper. It was an amazing experience as the process was done with out proper communication. They couldn't speak/understand english and I couldn't speak Arabic or French. With the help of my english speaking Moroccan friend Mohamed, a phone because he lived in a village far away, some others from the local market who spoke little english and my early years playing charades I managed to succeed.

I have been wearing these shoes for the last four years. I find them extremely comfortable, robust, easy to slip on and off and perfect for summer. Something that you can wear out comfortably instead of your thongs.

We have made them in sizes 37-45 in four different colours. Currently available at our Vic market container stall and Fremantle market shops and online very soon.

I hope you enjoy them half as much as me!