Finding beauty in simplicity November 01, 2015 15:19

Each piece has a story to tell and it’s a story worth telling. From the second the maker meets the eye of the idea, to the time they create it with their bare hands, to the finished product and its birth from different places from all over the world, to the time it lands on the shop and the very first moment you touch it.

Each piece is imprinted with life and memories. It may not breathe, or talk, or laugh, or sing but it holds time and is marked by the remnants of our lives that we hold close. Feel the full scope of this experience with all your senses and remind yourself that things have beauty and value if we choose to see it. The love that goes into each product is witnessed when it falls into the hands of the owner who will radiate their lives into the piece. The beauty of making simple, handmade products has been lost in today’s fast-paced, mass-producing world. It's time we revive the beauty that lies in imperfections and simplicity. It's time we bring it back into life. Our expanding minds, hearts, and souls ache for genuine human connection and timelessness we find in things carved by hand. This connection is what ties us whole.