Shipping Ceramics

Do we ship ceramics?

In short, yes we do. However to provide you with the best possible option we prefer to take on each shipment individually. 

This allows you to custom select your items and allows us to custom pack them in the best way possible to insure they get to your door safely.

How do we pack ceramics?

We use an exterior cardboard box followed by individually wrapping each item in bubble wrap and filling with crunched up newspaper and further bubble wrap where deemed necessary.  

To order ceramics from our website to be shipped please contact the Fitzroy shop during the below business orders on (03) 84151541.

They will create your order and calculate your shipping rate. Payment can be made via the phone or via a invoice that will be sent once your order has been created. Once payment is made your order will be packed and shipped.

Fitzroy Shop Business Hours:

Tuesday - Saturday: 10am - 5pm

Sunday - 10am - 4pm

Monday: Closed

Please note that at this point we only ship ceramics within Australia. 

All though we take care in the way we pack your order, we cannot take blame for breakages or miss haps once your shipment has left our store.