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Khadi paper


Khadi paper is paper that is made out of recycled cotton and provides a sustainable option to common wood paper which has a huge impact on the planet. The making process is also very organic and simple leaving you with a natural earth friendly alternative to wood paper.


The first stage is to cut and chop the cotton rags. These are squeezed, smashed and battered. After the mixing with plain water, the pulping process starts. Some old paper and organic bone glue is added for smoothness and you end up with a porridge like substance. The grinding, beating and cutting of the pulp continues for 6-8 hours. Sometimes yellow leaves of the marigold flower are added for visual effect.

The pulp is collected in wood framed sieves of app. 60-80 cm and sieved to remove excess water and create a flat layer of pulp. This is then turned upside down onto a pile and separated by cloth to create pulp sheets. The pulp sheets are then machine pressed, rolled and then hung out on sticks to dry.

Khadi paper drying

 The dried sheets are then flat pressed again and cut to size to be folded and bound into books.