Enhance your note-taking journey with the Uscha A4 Leather Refillable Notebook, a warm and inviting shade of brown. Crafted from the finest buffalo leather, this notebook resonates with enduring beauty. The hand-stitched details impart a touch of personal artistry, revealing the care poured into its creation.

Built to be adaptable, this refillable leather notebook smoothly transitions between plain khadi paper and lined paper, perfectly attuned to your writing preferences. The A4 dimensions provide an expansive canvas for your thoughts to unfold without constraint.

Whether you're mapping out business strategies, nurturing your creative sparks, or penning down personal reflections, this brown leather notebook transcends its purpose. It's a companion that echoes your individuality and taste, a personal artefact that weaves a story alongside your words. Step into Uscha's realm of leather notebook covers, where functionality and elegance interlace seamlessly.

Size: A4 

Colour: Brown

Made from: Brown buffalo leather

Paper: Khadi - recycled cotton paper - plain or lined

Refills available: Lined  Plain