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Free shipping Australia wide for orders over $200 AUD
Star Sculpture Ornament

Star Sculpture Ornament

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German born artist, Judith Hoffman grew up in an area renowned for its history with ceramics. Although this exposure to the clay craft was a constant in her life, it wasn’t until she had found her new home - settling ‘down under’ here in Australia - that she truly found her voice with ceramics. 

She is deeply inspired by the intimate details of the materials raw nature and when you are in the presence of her work you are drawn to the tactility of her pieces. She explores this medium with thoughtful manner, investigating deeply into the substance used, consciously and effectively engaging her audience to interact with each peice almost as she has done herself.

Description:  Detailed with the artist's signature and white wash glaze, each sculpture unique. Variables in size, colour and shape. 

Material: Clay Stoneware - Varied

Dimensions: Varied 

Available by: Store Pick Up or Custom Shipment

At Uscha Design we care about our items and want you to cherish them too. All of our stock is inspired by nature, sustainability, longevity, wabi-sabi and fair trade solutions. In this selection process we have sourced ethically sound, hand crafted products that support marginal communities and local artists. Each item has unique characteristics and will possess interesting aesthetic differences at varying degrees. A single image online may not be as adequate a representation to document these variables; so we encourage our customers to keep this in mind with every purchase, and or contact us for further details if required so that we may aid in any purchase. 

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