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Refills Writers Journal Lined Paper


Good news!

Most of our books are refillable! This means that you can enjoy your book for a very long time and by ordering new khadi paper refills from us you're directly supporting the education of village children through a school run by the "Vidhya Bhawan Society". The 'V.B.S.'  is a NGO that runs educational programs and schools for unprivileged kids in Radjastan.

The 'Paper unit' where the paper is made is the sole income for one of the school's and the school relies on this and donations to survive. Currently there are just over 300 children at the school. We would like to get this up to the schools capacity of potentially 500 children. With your help we can do this!

The other thing that stands out for us is the Vidhya Bhawan Societies education program. Being a Non Government Organisation they have their own beliefs in the educational process and its effects on the close community. Children learn from a young age to work together and help each other to reach a common goal. This runs true to Ghandi's philosophy.




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