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Free shipping Australia wide for orders over $200 AUD
Vase - Volcanic Ash

Vase - Volcanic Ash

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Local artist Sharon Alpren began ceramics shortly after moving to the Australian outback, there she fell in love with clay and its processes. She now resides near Melbourne crafting from home, both practical and sculptural, and architectural pieces through work with designers and the eye she developed from working in fashion.

Her work is a natural take on the classic with some items resembeling aspects of local flora and fauna in colour scheme and finishe. She allows for the characteristics of the reactions of clay, glaze and firing directly in her work. These results draw attention to the tactile textures of her objects and with ongoing experimentation she creates an intriguing aesthetic. Her designs encourage you to touch and feel the imperfections, sense the raw, earthy materials. Her ceramics are inspired by ageless processes, made for durability and designed to remain contemporary.

Description: This is a delightful sized bowl with a smooth finish and sturdy weight. Comfortable feel and durable, this classic can be used time again and with contemporary, earthy tones it is also an agreeably fit with most any collection. Dishwashe. 

Material: Clay stoneware - Dense porous texture with a hint of eucalyptus green and ash grey and the feel of ocean smoothed pumice. This unique shape can assist in the most intricate flower and branch arrangements both lavish cuttings and Ikebana designs. It stands alone as a sculptural piece and builds interest wherever displayed. 

Dimensions:  Varies

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