We're big believers in family, friends and food. We think eating is a great time to come together, share moments and have a giggle. This is helped by having a honest and comfortable place to eat with rustic kitchenware to give it that cosy, homely feeling. We don't believe in silver and china, It's not about impressing but honestly sharing.

Sharing good honest food is a gift!



SA Vase - Bronze II SA Vase - Bronze II

sharon Alpren

SA Vase - Bronze II


SHARON ALPREN Local artist Sharon Alpren began ceramics shortly after moving to the Australian outback, there she fell in love with clay and its processes. She now resides near Melbourne crafting from home, both practical and sculptural, and architectural pieces through work with designers and...

KB Asobimasu Kyokusen - Bark Slit Tall KB Asobimasu Kyokusen - Bark Slit Tall


KB Asobimasu Kyokusen - Bark Slit Tall


KATE BROUWER Local artist Kate Brouwer is the hands and heart behind Asobimasu Clay. An ever growing collection of playful vessels, tableware and sculptural ceramics. Asobimasu is a Japanese word that means to play, “create without boundaries”. Informed by her love of flowers and the harmony...